While some gadgets seem to just further complicate your life, these latest and greatest tech devices are promised to make things easier than ever! From wire-free headphones (finally!), to increased storage on small phones, and even an umbrella that saves you from getting soaked, these could be the best tech investments you’ll make all year long!

1. Wireless Headphones
The newest wave of headphones has eliminated the annoyance of accidentally moving your device too far from your ears – jerking your earbuds or Beats right off your head (or worse – breaking them). Say goodbye to tangled wires forever! Jaybird Freedom Wireless Earbuds, and many other brands, will make it easier than ever to enjoy your tunes, especially while working out or traveling.

2. MicroSD Card Reader
Especially for iPhones with notoriously small-storage, an external storage device can be a lifesaver. Instead of keeping data-heavy photos, music, and videos on your phone, the latest microSD cards can be kept on your key ring and plugged in when needed. The Dash-i reader is especially small, made of airplane-grade aluminum, and supports any MicroSD card.

3. Wearable Fitness Device
Smartwatches are helping health-conscious wearers everywhere maximize their workouts by measuring heart rates and tracking workouts. The Fitbit is among the most popular, though definitely not the only one. Most smartwatches also connect to your phone or computer for easier tracking (and satisfying graphing).

4. Smart Umbrella
The latest craze in common products turning into tech devices is the smart umbrella. Unless you keep it stashed in your car or at your office – do you EVER remember to bring your umbrella when you actually need it? This handy dandy smart umbrella device lets you know when it is predicted to rain, and provides an alert so you don’t forget it when leaving. Oombrella is one of the most promising.

5. Smart Paper
If you prefer to jot notes and write down ideas by hand, but need that information on your computer or phone, you used to need a two-step process. Now, with smart paper, your writing is instantly digitized for your computer or phone. Moleskine offers a “Smart Writing” set with a “paper” tablet and a Pen+ that instantly digitizes whatever you write, then sending it to the Moleskine notes app.

6. Waterproof High Resolution Cameras
While waterproof cameras (or waterproof housings for regular cameras) definitely aren’t new, the latest and greatest are especially advanced. Models like the Nikon 1 AW1 are waterproof up to 15 meters below the water surface, and take professional quality photos.