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Girls Knock Life’s Guide On How Women Can Have A Better Work Life Balance

Being a modern, working woman is never easy. You want to make sure that you are successful in your career, or running your business, but you also want to make sure you are happy and healthy.

Achieving a work life balance isn’t the easiest things to do. However, it isn’t impossible. So, what is the secret? How can you maintain the ideal balance between the two? Girls Knock Life have the answer!

Learn how to prioritize your time

If your time is stretched, then you need to learn how to work out what is urgent and what can wait. For some people, the easiest way to do this is to write down all the tasks that you need to do, both at home and at work. Then you can figure out when each one needs to be done and whether it needs to be a priority or not. This will give you a tangible list that you can then work through.

Work at times that suit you

Of course, this isn’t going to be possible if you are employed to work set hours, or your business needs to be open at certain times. However, if you can set your own hours, then do it! Some people find it easier to get up early and work for a few hours before the morning tasks need to be completed, others may be somewhat of a night owl and find it easier to work in the evening.

Don’t forget to take some me time

With a job or a business to consider, your family members to see, and maybe you have a family of your own, it can be hard to think about taking some time for yourself. However, this is incredibly important as otherwise you can end up burning out and this isn’t going to be good for anyone. It might just be a bath or a long shower, but sometimes just the smallest things can really help lift your mood.

Plan for the future

It can be all too easy to always think about the immediate rather than the long term. However, you are going to need to consider times when you are likely to be unable to work or will find it hard. Christmas, birthdays, school vacations, they can all take their toll on your “working time” so plan for these in advance and you will feel much calmer when they come around.

Be where you are

By this, we mean that you need to be focused on that particular part of your life when you are there. If it is time to work, then make sure that this is your focus. However, if you are spending time with your family, ignore the work that needs to be done. Otherwise you may miss out on quality time with those that mean the most to you.

It is possible to achieve a work life balance and even better than this, if you really put your mind to it you can become not only successful in your chosen career path, but also a fantastic and inspirational woman too!

Girls Knock Life’s 5 Top Tips for Monumental Mothers to be Less Stressed and More Patient

If there is one thing that many parents have in common, it’s that feeling of stress and a distinct lack of patience. The good news is that these are things you can improve on. As a mother, it is our job to create a nurturing environment for our children, but as you know, life can take its toll…

So, how can we try to minimize the stress and learn to be more patient? I’m sure that’s the question many of you ask yourselves everyday! At Girls Knock Life, we have developed a list of our five top tips for mothers to be less stressed and more patient.

1. Remember that they are not doing it on purpose

Sometimes it can seem like our children are trying to irritate and annoy us, just for the fun of it! But we promise you, this really isn’t the case. Children are just curious and mischievous by their very nature. Yes, you may find their behavior a little on the irritating side, but the truth is that they are simply just having fun and being kids!

2. Think about what you expect from them, it may need changing

We all want the best from our kids, however, sometimes this can be to our detriment. Of course, no-one wants a child who is naughty or rude, but it is how you define these bad behaviors that you need to think about. Sometimes it can be all too easy to think that your kids should be 100% all of the time, but we all have off days, even our children.

3. Take a deep breath

Feeling like you are 2 minutes away from exploding? It is a good idea to take a step back and try out some deep breathing. Not only will it allow you to gather your thoughts, but it will also help you to calm down and de-stress.

4. Think about the source of your stress

We all get stressed out, work, finances, relationships all of these things can contribute to stress in your life. However, none of these things are your kids fault. When you are feeling stressed out and you are snapping at your children, remind yourself that it is not their fault. They have absolutely no concept of all the things that happen when you are a grown up and they wont until they are also an adult.

5. Enjoy your time

Life is hard, however, our children should be a source of happiness in our lives. If you are feeling stressed out and that you simply cannot cope, then one thing that you can do to try and improve your mood is to spend some time together as a family. Watch a movie, play a board game, go for a walk. All things that will help you to unwind and remind yourself of all the great things in your life!

As you can see, even the most stressed out and impatient parents can improve their mood and make sure that they are best parent they can be!

Girls Knock Life’s Top Tips To Save Money!

Money is something that we all wish that we had more of. Being able to do the things we love to do can get expensive and it can seem that the only way to improve our financial situation is to find ourselves a money tree!

With this in mind we have put together our top tips for helping you to save money. All of which can make sure your bank account is looking healthier.

Plan your food

Have you found that your food shopping is one of the biggest budget burners for your bank? If so, then you might find it beneficial to plan your food. Not only should you think about what you are going to eat a few days in advance, but also make sure that you make a shopping list when you go shopping, as this will help you to cut down on the amount of money you spend on unnecessary groceries.

Sell the things you no longer need

We live in a throwaway nation whereby it is all too easy to throw things away rather than making an effort to sell them. However, you may change your mind when you realize how much you can make from this. While something may seem useless to you, there is a good chance that someone else will find it incredibly useful, so even though you may only make a few bucks from selling it, those are a few bucks that you wouldn’t otherwise have!

Learn to DIY

The idea of DIY isn’t exactly something that appeals to all of us, but DIY can be a huge money saver. Being able to do some jobs yourself is not only a great way to save money, but you can also use your DIY and crafting skills to buy old pieces of furniture or even old clothes and transform them into something that looks fabulous. You may then decide to keep them for yourself, or, if you are feeling even braver, you may make them over ready to sell.

Always haggle for insurance

One costly part of all of our lives has to be insurances that we pay out. In the most part they are necessary expenses that we all have to account for, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find ways to keep the costs down. Insurance companies rely on their customers accepting their renewal quotes without asking for any discounts, so you may be surprised by just how much money you can get by making the call and asking them what the best deal that they can do is.

Stop spoiling the kids

If you are a parent it is all too easy to want to spoil our children and give them treats. It is a nice idea, but this can cost you a considerable amount of money that you just don’t have. You may be surprised to learn that your children would probably much prefer to spend the time with you instead, so why not put aside the money that you would spend on them and put it away for a big day out as a family?

As you can see, you only need to change a few small things in order to have a big impact in the end, so why not make these small changes and see just what you can achieve?! Rock your bank account, as well as your life!

The Girls Knock Life Guide On How Women Can Set A Goal And Genuinely Achieve It – Fast!

At Girls Knock Life, we know that goals are incredibly important, not just for your personal life but for your business and career too! The trouble with setting goals is that so many of us are not sure how to go about it and how to then keep driving towards it.

To help with this we have put together our guide on how women can set a goal and then ACTUALLY manage to achieve it, sometimes much quicker than you might realize!

Never set one HUGE goal. Break it down instead

One of the worst things that you can do is to set yourself an absolutely mammoth goal for the long term, without a short term aim. Long term, bigger goals are wonderful to have, but to really increase your chances of getting there and not giving up, you are going to need to break that goal down into smaller chunks that will act as milestones, while still contributing to the bigger picture.

Celebrate the achievements no matter how small they may seem

There are plenty of us that don’t find it easy to celebrate our own achievement. However, when it comes to goal setting, this is an incredibly important part of the process. If you have worked hard to get somewhere, then you should give yourself a pat on the back! This simple thing will keep you motivated towards the end goal and also make you feel great too!

Remind yourself why the goal is important

It can be all too easy to lose sight of your aim. Particularly if it is quite far into the future! Which means you need to take the time and effort to remind yourself why your goal is important. It could be how it is going to help you with your career, the impact it will have for your family and of course the benefit it will have to you, anything that can help you to keep driving forward!

Accept support from those around you

There is nothing harder than trying to reach a goal without any support. Support can come from a variety of places; your friends, your family and your co-workers. It isn’t always easy to accept this support and help, particularly if you are trying your best to do things alone. But believe us when we say that having someone there to act as a cheerleader and help you get where you want to be, is going to make it a whole lot easier in the long run!

As you can see, there are a variety of ways to help you reach your goals and get exactly where you want to be. All it takes is some careful consideration, a lot of passion and an equal amount of motivation too! In no time at all you will be one step closer to your goal and knocking life!

Nurturing Resilience in Your Life

Water is fluid, soft and yielding. But water will wear away rock which is rigid and can not yield. As a rule, whatever is fluid, soft and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard. This is another paradox: what is soft is strong.

  • Lao Tzu

Resilience is a characteristic that’s intrinsic to human nature. But it needs to be developed and practiced. To be resilient you need to be like water, fluid, soft and yielding. Flowing and fluid to different paths that you find yourself on, soft and yielding to difficult situations to have clear thoughts on how to get through these situations. You can develop and nurture resilience by tempering our thoughts, mindset, perspective and outlook. And as you temper these, you will be able to expand and be less focused on fears and uncertainties, more adaptable to change. To nurture is to foster, stimulate and develop, which means resilience is not immediate but takes time and practice. Practice changing thoughts and mindset to be soft, flowing and yielding through these tips:

  • To be yielding, soft and fluid is to be humble. Humility is another human trait that expands our thoughts and visions. When you let go of pride, which builds walls that impede you from seeing and thinking clearly, you become soft and fluid and ready to spread and expand.
  • With continuous learning and improving on skills and disciplines in chosen fields or interests we obtain new understanding and instill these during times of challenges and changes.
  • Find your sense of purpose by developing personal reason for the meaning of your work and putting it in a larger context to include not just you and your family but also your company, co-workers and community.
  • Expand your network of friends by developing relationships with people from work and outside of work. This builds a strong foundation of support, an important factor in achieving goals, developing viewpoints and facing challenges.
  • Keep your definition of yourself evolving, in terms of work and personal introspection. By continuously evolving, you’ll see yourself shift to different patterns of thoughts and actions.

Rather than just give in to crises and challenges, you can flow into them and come out stronger than ever by staying soft, fluid and yielding like water. Expand your thoughts, perspectives and mindset with resilience and be ready for changes and difficulties. Strength is not found in rigidity and the unyielding but in softness and staying fluid.

7 New Skills To Learn This Year

With open sourced classes like Udemy, and even just Youtube, it is easier than ever to learn some cool new skills online for free!

1. Coding
Coding isn’t just for computer workers anymore. It can be hugely advantageous to marketers and entrepreneurs as well! Knowing basic coding can help for little fixes on your website. You won’t need to run to a web developer for every little error, so doing a bit of your own coding will save you a lot of unnecessary money and time. Even if you can’t fix something yourself, knowing some coding will help you communicate more effectively with your developer when you do need help. Coursera offers a bunch of free intro programming classes.

2. Photography
Being able to take a great photo is fun, but also a highly utilized skill in marketing and business. These days, there are so many awesome free photography tutorials online (or MatadorU offers some paid ones as well) that you’re spoilt for choice. Even learning the Rule of Thirds takes just a few seconds and will forever improve your photos!

3. Self Defense
Learning a few basic self defense moves can mean the difference between life and death in a dire situation, but it can also mean improved self confidence and less fear in day to day life. Many Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Israeli Krav Maga teachers post YouTube videos with basic moves that you can easily learn yourself (and practice on a willing friend).

4. Cooking
While you might not become the next Martha Stewart overnight, the vast numbers of free recipe sites and cooking tutorials provide ample opportunity to at least improve your skills and meal variety. Sites like Epicurious and How2Heroes are especially helpful and high quality.

5. Language
Whether you’ve got an upcoming trip to Spain or you’ve always dreamed of downing pasta in Italy, learning a language can open up a whole new world (literally). With just a few minutes everyday (or an hour if you’re really dedicated), apps like Duolingo provide measurably improved results in language learning.

6. Investing
While your first leap into investing can feel scary and overwhelming (what’s a 401K, really?), learning to invest can be the most important thing you ever do for your bank account. If you don’t know where to start, Investopedia is helpful and simple.

7. Writing
“Content creation” seems to be the new buzzword, and online written communication is more important than ever. From writing blog posts, to emails, to Facebook posts, to text – our world communicates constantly in written form. Improving your writing skills instantly improves your communication skills, and can even improve your employability and job opportunities. Free apps like Hemingway will get you on your way.

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