It’s hard to find motivators to stay in shape, especially during the summertime. Now that we’re in the thick of swimsuit season, juggling our work schedules with fun in the sun, it’s even harder to find time to work out. If you need a quick fix, here are seven ways to get fitter this week:

1. Exercise Efficiently
Workouts don’t have to take hours; an effective and thoughtfully developed daily workout plan can be completed in thirty minutes or less. Instead of running for hours, do sets of burpees and jumping jacks; instead of waiting on machines at the gym, work on your push-ups and crunches.

2. Work More Walking Into Your Day
Most research confirms that you don’t need to run for miles and hours every day; as long as you reach a high target goal of steps taken per day, typically around 10,000 or so, you’ll see leaps of change in your fitness. Instead of taking the train to work, give yourself a little extra time and walk.

3. Drink More Water
Most people don’t drink nearly enough water; typically, people should drink eight glasses of water a day. If you think you do drink the appropriate amount of water, drink more! An ambitious goal would be to drink a gallon of water a day; it’ll keep your body hydrated and squelch your appetites and cravings throughout the day!

4. Take Vitamins and Supplements
It’s important to keep a well-rounded amount of vitamins and minerals in your system. While you may be getting more vitamin D during the summer, you won’t be absorbing any of your vitamin C without a sufficient amount of vitamin D. Get yourself a well-rounded vitamin and take supplements for any minerals and hormones you know your body runs in deficiency.

5. Eat Cleaner Foods
A lot of people try to lose weight quickly by denying themselves of food; a classic mistake! In reality, if you deny your body food, it will retain water weight and you’ll start burning muscle tissue instead of fat tissue. Instead of starving yourself, just eat smarter! Eat more salads, seafood, and fruits; cut back on gluten, dairy, and treats.

6. No More Dressing and No More Soda
Want to lose a few pounds fast? There are two easy eliminations from your diet that will help you drop a ton of weight: condiments and sodas. The amounts of sugar and calories consumed in each serving of ketchup or in each can of soda are very high, and usually people consume both of these in bulk.

7. Add Fitness to Your Regular Routine
Yes, it’s hard to squeeze workouts into our already busy schedules. Instead, change a few small details about your daily life to insert fitness into your day! Instead of slumping in your desk chair, sit on a yoga ball at work. Carry a water bottle in your purse. Make small changes to liven up your day!