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Minimalist Wardrobe

Unclutter your closet; unclutter your life. Ever felt stumped whenever you had to open your closet to look for today’s wardrobe? So stumped as to not being able to find the “right” one even after you’ve emptied your wardrobe, filled up your bed with piles of shirts and pants and jackets, and still find nothing.  So you panic and come to the conclusion that you need to buy new clothes.  But until you can buy a new set, you’d still need to come to that closet each morning to come up with a decision.

There is a way out of this predicament. It’s called minimalism.  Minimalism means that you need to remove “non-essentials” and focus on what remains. It means removing clothes you haven’t worn for a year or downsizing to unclutter your closet.  Minimalism is a Buddhist technique that frees the mind enough to allow it to attach to what is quiet, serene and unhurried.

It is often that problems are caused by stress and too much excitement or too much attachment to the temporariness of life.  Why is it that when you shop in a store with very few choices, you are able to make a choice quickly?  and why is it that when you enter a supermarket that  has a long rack of the different brands and labels of the thing you need to buy that it takes you forever to buy it?

Why worry too much when everything will come to pass anyway. Why not live for the moment by releasing excess cares for the past and future.  Pick one and get out of there. Going minimal means making a statement, spending less on laundry, and gaining more confidence.

So for your closet, fill it up with only the best, high quality selections that you love.  This move will upgrade and update your fashion choices.  Your closet mustn’t allow the entry of poor and low quality “sale” items therefore, when choosing clothes, make sure that your choice is yours and is not based on some advertisement you’ve seen on TV. Let your own standards shine above what is generally desired. Let your clothes express who you are; and what is in your heart.  In other words, develop your own style. Do not adopt someone else’s.

Choose only clothes of high quality.  Your closet doesn’t have to carry too many clothes if the few you’ve chosen are some that you can be proud of, are durable and suit your style. Don’t forget that true fashionistas do not copy styles. They create their own.

When shopping for new clothes, take all the time you need. Never be in a hurry. There will be clothes that will give you that “feeling” when you see it the first time.  When it doesn’t click with you, don’t buy it.  Just follow your natural choice.

How to achieve the BOHO Chic?

Boho is basically about fun. But yes, it is also about being hip, earthy, comfy and natural. Boho is also hippie without the un-showered look.  It’s classy and doesn’t hint at shady or dirty. This chic style is flowy, showcasing natural, wood, browns, beiges, whites, flowers, and leaves.

Boho style is about vests and tribal prints but not just about clothes. It covers also hair and shoes, make-up and accessories.  The thing to put in mind is that Boho is about being natural.

Overall, Boho is vintage, ethnic and natural. The word “Boho” was coined by Laura Demasi, a journalist described eclectic gypsy. That was 10 years ago and Boho remains to be popular today.

If you wanna go Boho Chic, here are some tips:

  1. Said many times, Boho is about natural tones in fabrics. So linen, velvet, chiffon, silk, leather, suede and fur are the usual choices.  Leather and fur are “cruel” fabrics to some Boho stylists because these represent violence to animals so faux leather and fur are used as replacements, which are cheaper yet look as good. Boho is usually brown, earthy reds and greens, oranges and beige.
  2. Boho Chic uses lace, crochet, embroidery in dresses, hats, bags, tops and even shoes, in floral, checks, avant-garde, and other natural patterns which come to life when paired with neutral items.
  3. As mentioned, Boho is about comfort so no tight fitting dresses and tops please. Loose-layers, full length dresses, cut-off whites and beige sweaters are good examples.  Still others try to mix tight fitting with loose clothes – for instance, fitted faded jeans can be paired with mottled linen whites. And in cold weather, a light brown sweater. A natural stone necklace such as turquoise and a scarf will compliment this outfit.
  1. Gladiator, cowboy, Greek sandals, ankle boots, thick heeled boots and shoes are predominant in Boho fashion so choose brown, tan or beige. Vegans or vegetarians can use faux leather to complete their outfit.
  1. Although Boho choices are plentiful, Boho is actually minimal and natural so neon, too many colors, too many necklaces, numerous accent colors on clothes and hair color, negate the very philosophy of Boho fashion.  Boho is hardly about flaunting wealth; so hyper-expensive accessories are frowned upon. Instead, choose ethnic accessories such as Mexican or Celtic – armbands, necklaces, wooden and mineral bracelets and bangles, dangling earrings, shells, stones, and wood.

Boho hats are usually wide brimmed, sometimes crocheted Fedoras that come in neutral tones. Headbands can be braided or can be tied bandanas. Tassels are great attachments to handbags. Handbags with a lot of color and which come in natural fabrics are best. To complete your Boho outfit, a vintage pair of sunglasses, round or aviator shape, will complement the shape of your face.

How To Dress for Your Body Type

Do you often skim through fashion magazines to find out current trends?

BUT, only to find out that it looks outrageous on your body type!

No matter what you have read, there is no one cookie-cutter approach to fashion and style. The rule of thumb is: Anything that makes you feel and look good is good to go!

So, wake up the inner goddess, queen and rock star in you to figure out your body type to accentuate your best features.

Know your body
First things first, fashion is all about dressing up your proportion that brings out the OOMPH! Factor. Most females often tend to put most focus on height and weight rather than the shape of their body. As a matter of fact, short women can have the same body type to taller women. Hence, it is crucial to determine the shape of your body first instead of worrying about the extra fat!

Body types are generally narrowed down to five main types. Let’s explore into each one by one:

The Pear shaped
Celebrities such as Jennifer Love-Hewitt, reality TV show starrer Kim Kardashian to the beautiful Hollywood A-lister Katherine Heigl and many more, all fall under the pear shaped category.

You are pear shaped, if:

  • Your upper body is narrower than your lower body (wider hips, narrow shoulders)
  • Torso and shoulders are your best assets to flaunt

If you exhibit the preceding, then you should opt for dresses that highlight your shoulders and waist. Your best pick is: A hemline that looks visually attractive on dresses or a tulip skirt. This will help in toning down your thighs and waists, making you look visually slimmer!

The Apple shaped
Celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, Eva Longoria and many others, fall under this category.

You are apple shaped, if:

  • You have a narrow lower body with broad ribs, shoulders and back.
  • You have sharp legs

If you exhibit the preceding features, then opt for dresses with V-necks to elongate your features. Your best pick is: A line dresses, topped with jackets!

The Hour glass shaped
Celebrities such as Salma Hayek, Beyonce, Scarlett Johansson and many others, fall under this category.

You are hour glass shaped, if:

  • You have a tiny waist with shoulders and hips in proportion
  • You are curvy from the right places

If you exhibit the preceding features, then opt for clothes that bring balance. If you have a heavy bust along with equally proportioned hips/thighs, select dresses fitted on the top till your waist. Your best pick is: Dresses with sweetheart and V necks. Also, this body type allows you to accessorize your waist line with belts.

The Rectangular shaped
Celebrities such as Natalie Portman, Cameron Diaz, Hilary Swank and many others, fall under this category.

Your are rectangular shaped, if:

  • Shoulder, hips and waist are all in proportion
  • You have sharp arm and legs

Finding clothes that sit perfectly on your body can be a daunting task. Follow the aforementioned guide to figure out your perfect head turning fashion statement!

How To Develop Your Own Personal Style

With Pinterest supplying a constant stream of cute new outfits, and your local mall providing ever-changing window displays of the latest clothing inspirations, it can be easy to just jump on the latest trend bandwagon. But as each season passes, you may find your closet more similar to Forever 21 or the Style section of your favorite magazine than your own personal style – especially if you don’t even know what your own personal style is.

Developing your personal style can be a valuable way to express yourself through clothing, and to reinforce your own personal identity in a tangible (and fun!) way. Having a closet that is uniquely and truly YOU can feel empowering and exciting, and it definitely makes getting dressed in the morning easier and more enjoyable.

It’s important to develop a personal style that not only reflects your personality, but also fits into your lifestyle. If you LOVE crazy patterns but you work in a very conservative law office, you might want to keep the patterns to smaller statement pieces that can be layered or removed like scarves or purses. If you are obsessed with sundresses but live with Arctic temperatures, you’ll want to work on your layering.

If you have no clue how to begin defining your personal style (and then shopping in accordance with it), you can start with asking yourself a few questions:

What kind of clothing do you find yourself drawn towards?

What colors look good on you?

What shapes flatter your figure?

What pieces are necessary for your lifestyle?

What kind of clothing does your workplace require?

Still feeling confused? While buying every outfit off of Pinterest isn’t exactly recommended for developing your personal style, Pinterest can definitely help you define it. By creating a Personal Style board, you can pin fashions to it that you like. Try to pin at least 20 pieces or outfits that really draw you in, without thinking too much about it. After you’ve pinned at least 20, take a look at the board overall and notice any trends. Do your choices lean towards classic or trendy styles? Do you tend to choose feminine or more androgynous items? Do you like the look of dressed-up outfits or do you prefer casual?

After you feel like you understand your own personal style better, especially for future shopping trips, also take the time to go through your closet and donate items that no longer work for you. If you’ve decided to forego trendy but edgy items in favor of a more feminine look, you might find that your leather jacket no longer serves you. Or, if you’ve decided on a more grown-up wardrobe, the Hello Kitty tees may need to be ditched.

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