With open sourced classes like Udemy, and even just Youtube, it is easier than ever to learn some cool new skills online for free!

1. Coding
Coding isn’t just for computer workers anymore. It can be hugely advantageous to marketers and entrepreneurs as well! Knowing basic coding can help for little fixes on your website. You won’t need to run to a web developer for every little error, so doing a bit of your own coding will save you a lot of unnecessary money and time. Even if you can’t fix something yourself, knowing some coding will help you communicate more effectively with your developer when you do need help. Coursera offers a bunch of free intro programming classes.

2. Photography
Being able to take a great photo is fun, but also a highly utilized skill in marketing and business. These days, there are so many awesome free photography tutorials online (or MatadorU offers some paid ones as well) that you’re spoilt for choice. Even learning the Rule of Thirds takes just a few seconds and will forever improve your photos!

3. Self Defense
Learning a few basic self defense moves can mean the difference between life and death in a dire situation, but it can also mean improved self confidence and less fear in day to day life. Many Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Israeli Krav Maga teachers post YouTube videos with basic moves that you can easily learn yourself (and practice on a willing friend).

4. Cooking
While you might not become the next Martha Stewart overnight, the vast numbers of free recipe sites and cooking tutorials provide ample opportunity to at least improve your skills and meal variety. Sites like Epicurious and How2Heroes are especially helpful and high quality.

5. Language
Whether you’ve got an upcoming trip to Spain or you’ve always dreamed of downing pasta in Italy, learning a language can open up a whole new world (literally). With just a few minutes everyday (or an hour if you’re really dedicated), apps like Duolingo provide measurably improved results in language learning.

6. Investing
While your first leap into investing can feel scary and overwhelming (what’s a 401K, really?), learning to invest can be the most important thing you ever do for your bank account. If you don’t know where to start, Investopedia is helpful and simple.

7. Writing
“Content creation” seems to be the new buzzword, and online written communication is more important than ever. From writing blog posts, to emails, to Facebook posts, to text – our world communicates constantly in written form. Improving your writing skills instantly improves your communication skills, and can even improve your employability and job opportunities. Free apps like Hemingway will get you on your way.